Forward Booking with Red Fox

It can be a scramble to get the coffees you need when you need them. If you want to get ahead of the game and lock down your supply with us ahead of time, forward booking is for you. Let Red Fox help you with your planning and then go out and source beautiful coffees for your roastery.

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Forward Booking 101

Simply put, when you forward book with Red Fox, you commit in advance to purchasing a set volume of coffee from a specific origin at an agreed price point. You’re agreeing to buy coffee that we will source on your behalf. Whether it’s a high-end single origin or a perfectly sweet & clean regional bulk, once samples are available, we’ll forward them to you and you’ll cup as usual to choose and approve the specific coffee that fulfills the commitment.

Why is this a good thing? Well, by planning ahead, you’ll be confident that you have the fresh coffee you need at the right time, quality, and price. Rather than fighting over arrivals as they hit our SPOT list, your forward booking commitment puts you at the forefront of our own planning and ensures that you get the freshest coffee routinely over the course of the year.

By forward booking, you’ll lock in prices and volumes ahead of time, realizing price breaks as you purchase in bulk volumes. We’ll use our supply chain expertise to make sure you get what you need so you can move on and focus on all of the other aspects of running your business.

How does it work?

Forward booking is a simple, three-step process:

  1. We start by meeting with you to learn about your needs—origins, volumes, and prices. If possible, we cup together to make sure we’re calibrated on quality and flavor profiles as well.
  2. We put together a proposal that spells out the quality, pricing, and timing of the coffees you’ll need. We’ll use our experience at origin to create a realistic delivery schedule. We’ll talk through this proposal, making modifications as necessary, until we’re both in agreement and sign off on the commitment.
  3. As coffees meeting the requirements of the commitment begin to be available, we’ll forward samples to you. Once you find coffees you like, we’ll set terms and write a contract – just like a regular spot purchase. Delivery and payment terms are the same as normal, and you’ll draw down your inventory as needed.

Is Forward Booking right for me?

Forward booking is ideal if you’re planning your purchasing at least 3-6 months in advance. You should have a good idea of the volumes you’ll need. It’s important to be conservative when planning volumes so that you don’t end up overbuying inventory.

Forward booking requires trust, so typically we are only able to offer forward booking to existing customers purchasing at least ten bags from the forward booked origin. For larger commitments, we can offer better deals and access. For new customers or smaller purchases, please speak to a Red Fox account manager to learn about other options.

Keep in mind that forward booking isn’t just for top-shelf single origins. It’s for bulk lots, too. For each origin you forward book with us, you can commit to one or more coffees at a variety of price points and volumes. We’ll work with you to identify and reserve coffee perfect for your needs. Let us use our relationships at origin and our retail green buying experience to do the work for you.

Forward Booking

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