Flash Offer: Colombia Nariño Lots, Annex, CA

The Nariño department in the far south of Colombia has been the source of some of our sweetest and most balanced and versatile offerings over the past few years, and this year’s harvest was no exception. These coffees tasted magnificent on our table in Berkeley last week, and would serve very well in any capacity, from single origin to blender use. The sweetness and juiciness of these coffees is exceptional.

Particular standouts include the Bernul Munoz, Soraida Potosi Meza, Miguel Angel Dominguez, and Horacio Toro lots, which are all easily 87/88+ coffees. All of the producer lots are 86+ bare minimum. These coffees arrived very stable and will continue to be very sweet and clean over the next couple of months.

We are offering them at a reduced price of $3.50/LB for any full lot or $3.75/LB for less than a full lot. Get them while they’re hot.

Units Available Price Per lb Book Your Order
Colombia Nariño Soraida Potosi Meza 2 $3.75/lb + Book
Colombia Nariño Miguel Angel Dominguez 0 $3.75/lb Sold Out
Colombia Nariño Henry Toro 3 $3.75/lb + Book
Colombia Nariño Horacio Toro 3 $3.75/lb + Book
Colombia Nariño Celimo Alirio Muñoz 3 $3.75/lb + Book
Colombia Nariño Bernul Muñoz 9 $3.75/lb + Book
Colombia Nariño Nancy Muñoz 4 $3.75/lb + Book
Colombia Nariño Orlando Pajajoy 4 $3.75/lb + Book
Colombia Nariño La Union 18 $3.75/lb + Book